Monthly News Letter May 2017

                                                                                HAZELDENE HOUSE MONTHLY NEWS LETTER

                                                                                                               MAY 2017

    • Staff News: Kerry Fell is the new home manager. Mihaiela Ionace is our new deputy manager. We welcome Alex from our domestic team into our care team. Bogdan and Larissa are now duty managers. We welcome Bindu, Tina and Lilly into our nurse team. Shelly and Zebo join our activity team. Vanessa has decided to move on, we all wish her lots of luck

    • New mobile shop: On a Monday, Wednesday and Sunday afternoon, a trolley will be coming around the home selling drinks, crisps, sweets and chocolates. If you have any ideas of what else we could sell please let us know. Any proceeds made will go back into the residents fund

    • Baby chicks coming in June. We will watch them hatch and then look after them for 1 week before they go back to the farm
  • External entertainment:


    • 02/05/2017- John McDevit.
    • 03/05/2017- Active Future.
    • 09/05/2017-Music for Health.
    • 10/05/2017- Tom Carradine.
    • 11/05/2017- Jazz band.

    • 15/05/2017- Michael Lack.
    • 22/05/2017- Polly.
    • 23/05/2017- Music for health.
    • 24/05/2017- Active future.
    • 25/05/2017- Roger Channing.
    • 31/05/2017- Active Future

    • The weather: We have had some lovely, hot sunny days. A little reminder to drink plenty when the weather is hot.

    • Our Sunflowers: Our sunflowers are now all in the ground. Let’s see how tall they get. We will take lots of photos

    • Busy potting: We have been very busy potting seeds. Many thanks for all your donations.

  • Vegetable plot: Our chef Ian has been busy planting and growing vegetables. Again many thanks for all donations. We cannot wait to be eating our own home grown vegetables.


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