Care Plans – Online Example

This shows the information that can be accessed online. The resident’s name has been changed to preserve privacy and the reports, unlike our actual resident reports, are not updated. Please click on each “activity of daily living” to see more information.

Care Plan

Jane Smith

Here you can check on our residents care plan. A care plan is a document that gets reviewed roughly every month and outlines the care requirements that your relative will be receiving. It is broken down into several key sections. You may have received an email informing you of an update to the residents’ care plan. You will be notified by email whenever a change to the care plan is made.


Last Updated 15 Aug 2013

Now: Jane suffered a fall and broke her hip prior to coming into the home.  She has lost confidence and is worried about falling again.She is fully recovered from her hip joint repair and is fully mobilised.She uses one walking stick.On some days she finds it difficulty to initiate walking which she finds very frustrating.

Objective: To maintain Jane’s mobility. To avoid trip hazards.

Residents’ Support Choices: Ensure that there are no trip hazards in Jane’s bedroom. Offer to accompany Jane on days when her walking is difficult.


Last Updated 15 Aug 2013

Now: Jane has Parkinson’s Disease which makes it difficult for her to swallow tablets. Most of her medication is therefore given in syrup or soluble form. On days when she is agitated she may refuse her medication. In these instances it is best to withdraw and try again..

Objective: For Jane to receive the maximum therapeutic effect from her prescribed medication..

Residents’ Support Choices: RGN to administer all of Jane’s prescribed medication.If refused, withdraw and try again later. Monitor for therapeutic or side effects and report to GP.

Body Temperature

Last Updated 15 Aug 2013

Now: Jane has no problems in this area. She is able to make her needs known and is able to request changes in her physical environment.

Objective: To maintain a stable body temperature and to ensure that Jane is comfortable at all times.

Residents’ Support Choices: Provide Jane with a warm and well ventilated environment. Ask Jane if she is comfortable and encourage her to request any changes she may require.